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Dreams were banging hard in the mind. They were not the small one like to build a house and earn a livelihood they were huge dreams which were not ending. The dreams were not allowing him to sleep not allowing him to eat. They were just making him curious to achieve them. When he shared his dreams to people in the society, they just laughed because his dreams were not there cup of tea. To achieve those heights one needs firm determination and a never giving attitude. But the reaction of society towards his dreams doesn’t made him demotivated , rather it burnt a fire inside him to prove himself. He was day and night just planning the route to his destination. He was fully loaded with the dreams and courage to achieve them.

To start a trip we need medicine kit for emergency similarly he was having plans for failure too but when we need medicine kit we need a support too in the hard times, unfortunately he was not having the one to support.

When he discussed his dreams to his family no one took him seriously because their mentality cannot match his level of thinking. They were just happy in earning and eating two meals a day. But he was hungry of his dreams which were much more than of his family. Everyone there believed that a middle-class person cannot dream big. But the boy believed that getting born in a middle-class family is not a problem but ending the life in same middle-class only without any value addition is a stain on his capability and self-respect. No one supported him neither emotionally nor financially, family also rejected to invest in his dreams.

In a dark night when he was dreaming with his open eyes he decided to find his path himself. When everyone was sleeping and having their nightmares or dreams. He packed his bag and started his journey to turn his dreams into reality and achieve big . He travelled from city to city in search of work and earn to invest in his dreams but was only getting disappointment at the end of the day. He came from the society where two meals a day was a dream come true, but to fulfill his dreams right now he was sleeping hungry and with a empty pocket.

Every next morning he made hunger his friend and failure his motivation. He traveled a lot suffered a lot but never gave up.

And finally the day came when he slept peacefully. He covered his journey from servant to superior and proved himself and his determination. There was a day when he was fighting with hunger and unemployment ,today he was giving employment and providing food for free.

He returned back to his mainstream where his dreams were just a joke , but now they turned into a motivational story for the new ones.

On that day his family and society realized that only two meals a day cannot satisfy a dreaming mind.



Published by inkedbyprathmesh

PRATHMESH GOSWAMI a always thinking boy with a mentality of always expressing the reality and day to day situations in a easy words, and have a dream to become PERSONALITY💯

22 thoughts on “MEAL OR DREAM

  1. Very well written, I must say. Great idea. but it somewhat feels like an article, cause it doesn’t have any turning point you see, no climax if you pay attention to it.
    It’s creating a graph with zero rate of change. (a horizontal line). Make sure when you write a story it should definitely have a beginning, a middle and an end. It shouldn’t be as simple as providing facts and information. You write it in such a way that first it moves up to the climax than slowly comes down.
    For example in this story, you wrote it like, no one understood his dream, but he has the will, so he fought alone and became rich. But how and what did he face, mention that story. you should have added a major step the character has taken to build himself up, or to get rich and provide employment to others.
    Like first of all he struggled, then he started working under someone, then he learnt the required skill properly. worked hard. Started small. Faced challenges( add realistic challenge). Slowly overcame it. Had a disastrous first try in his business or whatever he was doing then gradually he added people, resources and that’s how he grew his business and wealth and that’s how he proved it to the society and family.
    Cause this is how it is in real life, you just don’t drem and than achieve. You fail (you mentioned that he was ready to fail) but instead of that tell us, show us how he failed, then what he did to overcome them. that’s how stories work. That’s how readers build interest.

    As your reader I have given my honest response and as your friend I have given you advice. No offense . This helped me alot and I am sure it will help you too.
    I would again say you are doing really great. and this is how we learn.
    The more you write the more you will know where you are making mistakes and then what you will write will turn more and more beautiful as the days pass.
    Lots of love and strength to you.
    Please keep writing. Always here to read. Good luck ❤️

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  2. Very well written, I like the storyline
    , just keep reading and writing and then you will be able to add a lot more to your stories. Best wishes ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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