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Failure was riding fast in a bilateral race with success in life. Hard work was not paying off, abilities were not noticed and results were always judged. The fregrence of life smelled so foul to self that senses stopped working.

The days of failure continued and darnkess in a cold blooded body increased . No-one helped to overcome it . Not even the weather Rain couldn’t wash it off , Sunshine couldn’t light it up and Winters couldn’t freeze it off.

In this breathing world people started making distance as soon as failure came to give a hug , so that failure and a lonely soul can spend a quality time together.

But hopefully in race self motivation is best fuel to boost up. A spark of it burnt a fire inside the body .

Zero thoughts , zero feelings and zero emotions a fully blank man with a aim to succeed stood up to win the race. It wasn’t easy to face the situations and peoples.

The one was back on track just to believe in his hard work , to justify his abilities and to dream for result. Hunger doesn’t affected him, comfort doesn’t mattered and past doesn’t let him down.

After a continuous fight with failure and circumstances the tunnel full of darkness ended up at a brighter end with success riding on front and faster to win the race.

And finally the Hard work payed off , the Abilities were noticed and Results were appreciated.



Published by inkedbyprathmesh

PRATHMESH GOSWAMI a always thinking boy with a mentality of always expressing the reality and day to day situations in a easy words, and have a dream to become PERSONALITY💯

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