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In a dark cloudy day mother gave birth to a boy who was begging for a shelter and food right from his first cry. There were no hospitals no celebrations for his arrival. But nature was so kind to him . Nature welcomed him by a thunder song , sparkled with a bright lightning and sprinkled with heavy droplets. But poverty was banging off his whole happiness of coming to this world.

Flooded hut was his first dream home with no comfort and piece of mother’s Sareewas his first baby suit. There were no toys to play , as he was already playing with harsh circumstances at his early days. Poverty made him mature enough to stay alone , quite and let his mother to work in fields to earn a penny. Mother was feeding her baby with the most costly dish , mother’s milk. It was the only ultimate menu to his options. Some days were so cruel to his mother that they didn’t gave her a meal. But mother didn’t allowed to happen this to her child.

She was fighting the challenges hard. Floods , sunlight , cold , poverty were attacking hard but as everyone knows Mother is a worrier and also she fought bravely for her child.

With the passing time, boy grown up and to fight with this fast running wealthy world he needed education as his weapon. Now mother had a next rebel to earn for his livelihood as well as for his studies. Day and night didn’t matter to her she was working hard to earn. The boy was also trying hard to sharp edges of his mind and the only weapon he had which was education.

Embarassment of dirty clothes and torn shoes made him strong in front of rich cheeks to fight his present to design his future better than heaven.

Difficulties , hunger , Demotivation these all were rented in there shattered cottage but can’t let them down.

Years of struggle , sleepless nights and hardwork came to an end when the boy came home with a white collar job.

Again Happiness was there and today also nature was so kind to him. Nature welcomed and celebrated his success by a thunder song , sparkled with a bright lightning and sprinkled with heavy droplets. House was flooded with peace and happiness of victory over life by him and his mother . But this time there years of joy with lots of sweets in menu.



Published by inkedbyprathmesh

PRATHMESH GOSWAMI a always thinking boy with a mentality of always expressing the reality and day to day situations in a easy words, and have a dream to become PERSONALITY💯

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